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Frantsila sku = e-49
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Frantsila sku = e-49


Chamomile Herbal Tincture soothes body and mind, and especially the digestive system. Ideal item to carry with you when traveling.

The Chamomile in Chamomile Tincture is a known help in treating :

  • Indigestion, food poisoning and related pain. 
  • Gas and diarrhea. 
  • Ease intestinal cramps and diarrhea caused by foodstuff sensibility e.g. dairy allergies.
  • Alleviate menstrual cramps.
  • Calming the mood and help falling asleep.
  • Ease young children when teething and baby's colic.

Chamomile Tincture is also suitable for nursing mothers. 




Recommended daily dose:

  • Adults : 15-20 drops 2-5 times a day with water. Maximum daily dose is 5 times 20 drops.
  • Children : 1 drop per year of age e.g. 3 drops for 3 -year-old.

If needed, especially for small children, the dose can be added into hot water (+69°C) to enable the alcohol to evaporate.


  • Can be used as warm compresses to alleviate stomach ache and menstrual pain : apply Chamomile Tincture on stomach area and cover with a warm towel or Best Friend Oat Pillow.
  • Compresses in case of eye infection : moisten cotton pads with Chamomile Tincture solution; 5 drops in 25ml of water.
  • Bath (or towel compresses) to soothe skin/muscle infections : foot bath 20 drops, half body bath 40 drops (2,5ml), full body bath 80 drops (5ml).
  • Treatment of small wounds : 1-2 drops of Chamomile Tincture directly on the wound.



Recommended daily dose (30-100 drops) equals fresh Chamomile flower 1302-4340mg.



This product is a dietary supplement; the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.



The Frantsila Herbal Tincture Drops preserve well, often several years. Best before date mentioned on bottle.


These recommendations/tips are provided for information purposes only. They do not replace diagnosis by a doctor, nor do they form a record of execution.


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Frantsila category
This product does not contain added sugar, juice concentrates or preservatives. Frantsila Dietary Supplements are safe. NO side effects have been observed.

Ingredients : Alcohol (alcohol)*, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile flower extract)*. - Organic*