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Mother Nature's Refreshing Foot care products help your feet to cope better using the safe and effective means of nature.

These revitalizing and refreshing products stimulate circulation, bring relief to tired feet and nurtures the skin. Use for regular foot care and pedicures, and when you are looking for some pampering and relaxation. Ideal gift idea for a friend !


Frantsila Happy Feet Gift Set includes 3 products:

Mother Nature's Foot Cream...see product details.

Refreshing Foot Bath...see product details.

Mother Nature's Foot Spray...see product details.


Read also the "Easy 3 step foot care guide" here.


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Frantsila Happy Feet
Gift Set

pc m-21 42.60€

Mother Nature's Refreshing Foot Bath, Spray and Cream stimulate circulation, bring relief to tired feet and nurtures the skin.

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