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Ref : kf-201
Pack : 200 ml
Brand : Frantsila
Manufacturer: Frantsila
Price : 7.79€
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Strengthening hair treatment for the whole family.

This gentle hair conditioner is suitable for all hair types. Eliminates static electricity, makes the hair easy to comb and gives it volume.

Finnish organically-grown herbs :

  • Nettle strengthens the hair, prevents dandruff and hair loss, enhancing the color of dark and natural red hair.
  • Calendula cleanses, revitalizes, soothes, healing skin tissue, clarifies the hair, and treats dandruff.
  • Plantain is treating, purifying, softening, antibacterial and anti-infective.

Genuine Rosemary Essential Oil treats and conditions the scalp, increases hair growth and tones the color of dark hair.

Instructions of use :

Apply conditioner to clean hair, leave on for a few minutes and rinse off. Sauna / heat enhance the treatment.



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Tuotetieto suomeksi

Frantsila category
The conditioner is a skin and environmentally friendly natural product. No animal testing. Product contains no artificial fragrances or colors, silicates, parabens, petroleum or other mineral oils.
Ingredients : Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Simmondsia chinensis*,Benzyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Linoleate, Glyceryl Linolenate, Cetrimonium Chloride, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Urtica dioica*, Calendula officinalis*, Plantago ssp., Rosmarinus officinalis, Lactic Acid. - Organic*

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