Full product line with attractive prices, additional discounts when buying more! Worldwide delivery. Read more

Full product line with attractive prices, additional discounts when buying more! Worldwide delivery. Read more


Frantsila offers a wide range of health products and 100% natural and organic cosmetics from the Finnish pure nature... Read more


Discover the World of Frantsila

The philosophical concept of Frantsila is universal: to uplift the physical, mental and emotional health of the human being… Read more

Frantsila Product Line

The Frantsila product line is designed with a holistic approach where several specific products are used simultaneously for healing and maintaining good health and thus promote natural beauty.

The product families complement each other and the desired effects are enhanced when combining treatments from within,in form of Herbal Tinctures, Dietary Supplements or Flower remedies, with externally applied treatments, in the form of salves, creams, cosmetics, herbal care oils and essential oils or with hygiene, sauna and bath products. since being physically healthy does not necessarily mean that we are well and happy, and knowing what influence our emotional balance can have on our overall health, frantsila also draws our attention to the more subtle parts of our being: flower remedies and essential oils can be a precious help on the path of personal harmony.

With this comprehensive holistic product line, Frantsila offers these products in the greatest respect of your wellbeing and also in the respect of nature: using only mild and biodegradable vegetable ingredients and never making any testing on animals.

Salves & Creams

Make your skin happy with unique and 100% organic herbal salves.

The moisturizing creams are designed with precision, to fit the needs of the different skin areas of the body. Organic herbs grown in Finland's pure nature increase the skin's ability to regenerate and offer protection... Read more

Organic Cosmetics

High quality natural skin care series from Finland's pure nature.

Frantsila combines herbal medicine know-how and cosmetics. Skin cleansing and nurturing with organic vegetable oils and herbal extracts, help the skin to restore and maintain its health and natural brilliant beauty...Read more

Daily Hygiene

Refreshing sensations, mild and natural fragrances.

Frantsila pure and natural personal hygiene products bring the power of herbs into the daily cleansing routine of the whole family...Read more

Sauna & Bath

Relaxing moments with aromatherapy. Unique products for deep cleansing.

Make your bathroom a sanctuary for relaxing, refreshing or balancing treatments. Discover the secrets of the genuine Finnish Sauna and experience serenity of body and mind... Read more

Essential Oils

High quality and 100% pure. Aromatherapy: health, beauty and well-being.

Aromatherapy is a treatment form aiming to improve both physical and emotional health. The fragrant and volatile essential oils are isolated from aromatic plants and contain hundreds of active substances...Read more

Herbal Care Oils

High quality organic Body oils, Treatment oils and Massage oils.

Easily absorbable, all natural, and mildly fragrant, these herbal oils emit Finnish summer meadows and forest plants, clean scents, green colors and are filled with active ingredients and life forces...Read more

Flower Remedies

Finnish Wild Flower Essences: a source for inner harmony and wellbeing.

The body is like a mirror that shows how we are doing internally. The 24 Finnish Flowers brighten the spirit and can be of help in managing: negative emotional states, life changes, stress, fatigue, depression…Read more

Herbal Tinctures

Phytotherapy: Nature's remedies for improving and maintaining health.

Frantsila Herbal extracts, dietary supplements and energy drinks enable natural treatment of most commonly occurring health problems and also help strengthening general condition and immunity...Read more

Spices & Complements

Tasty Herbal Tisanes and nutritional supplements boost energy and health.

Frantsila organic herbs are transformed into nutrient rich powder and combined to create different therapeutic effects. Add herbal powders to your favorite dishes and enjoy herbal tisanes warm or as refreshing iced tea.


Easy to use “Best Friend” organic oat pillows.

The warming or cooling oat pillow is great tool enhance the effect of your treatments. Use it together with an Herbal Treatment Oil or Salve, or just when you need some warmth or help in falling asleep. Choose a lavender or rose scented pillow for added sensory pleasure.

Which product to choose ?

Find the ideal product for your specific needs by looking up themes: stress, relaxation, symptom, season… Combine products for both internal and external use to obtain optimal results.

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