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Frantsila sku = tl-04
Ref : tl-04
Pack : 40 g
Brand : Frantsila
Manufacturer: Frantsila
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Frantsila sku = tl-04


Joyful Mind Herbal Tisane is an organic Herbal Drink for general use, celebration of special occasions and joyful moments.

Joyful Mind Herbal Tisane has a warm and spicy taste, which makes it ideal for Christmas time.  

A delicious tasting herbal tea made of organic Apple and herbs: Leaves of; Peppermint, Birch, Raspberry and Strawberry, as well as Karelian Mint, Anise, Cinnamon and Clove.

These herbs also have therapeutic effects:

  •  Cleanse liver and blood, release stomach tension and cramps.



Preparation : 1tsp/cup, infuse for 10-15 minutes. Can be enjoyed warm or cold. 2-5 cups a day.



Store in hermetic recipient and protected from sunlight.


These recommendations/tips are provided for information purposes only. They do not replace diagnosis by a doctor, nor do they form a record of execution.


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Frantsila category
This product is certified Organic FI-EKO-B.

Ingredients : Malus domestica (apple) *, Mentha piperita (peppermint leaf) *, Betula pendula (birch leaf) *, Rubus idaeus (raspberry leaf) *, Fragaria × ananassa (strawberry leaf) *, Mentha x Dalmatica (Karelian mint leaf) *, Cinnamomum (cinnamon) *, Syzygium aromaticum (clove) *. - Organic*