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Frantsila sku = ea-258
Ref : ea-258
Pack : 10 ml
Brand : Frantsila
Manufacturer: Frantsila
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Frantsila sku = ea-258


100% pure and chemo typed Lemon essential oil.

Lemon stimulates, refreshes and helps in :

  •  Digestion
  •  Headaches
  •  Skin itching
  •  Treating cellulite

Japanese studies show that the fresh and stimulating scent of Lemon will help improve working efficiency. Lemon is beneficial for digestion and blood circulation.



Externally : add 1-2 drops of essential oil into 50 drops of vegetal oil, apply locally to small skin areas.  

As scent : Use together with other essential oils to purify the indoor air in electric diffuser or air humidifier.

For more information visit our section : Frantsila Essential Oils.



Do NOT use as a scent in a room in the presence of pregnant women, babies, asthmatics or persons suffering from epilepsy.

Photosensitizing - should NOT be applied to skin before sun exposure.

See below precautions of use for essential oils.


These recommendations/tips are provided for information purposes only. They do not replace diagnosis by a doctor, nor do they form a record of execution.


Informations du produit en français

Tuotetieto suomeksi

Frantsila category
  • Essential oil should not be used internally without professional advice.
  • Essential oil should not get in contact with the eyes.
  • Essential oil is NOT recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • Use Essential oil only with professional guidance for infants, children, seriously ill and elderly people.
  • Some essential oils may cause sensitive individuals allergic reactions.
  • Essential oil is NOT recommended for the asthmatic or for people suffering from epilepsy.
  • Some essential oils can be photosensitizing and should not be applied before sun exposure.
  • Essential oil should ALWAYS be diluted before applying on the skin. Use genuine vegetal base oil, and if possible of organic quality and cold-pressed (Frantsila body and massage oils).