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Frantsila sku = ks-2
Ref : ks-2
Pack : 380g
Brand : Frantsila
Manufacturer: Frantsila
Price : 15.82€

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Frantsila sku = ks-2
Intended use :
Ayurvedic bath salt for deep relaxation for the muscles and the mind.
This bath releases tension and relaxes tired muscles. It calms the whole being and helps relieving pressure, irritability and stress. This pampering bath also helps preparing for a good night of sleep. 
Magnesium salt and organic herbal extracts relax the body and calms the mind. Aroma therapeutic essential oils bring serenity and stress relief also giving the salt a lovely scent.
The bath salt is ideal to relax the Ayurvedic PITTA type.
Instructions of use :
Stir the salt in hot water:
  • Full body bath : 1dl
  • Half body bath : 0,5 dl
  • Hand / foot bath : 0,1 to 0,2 dl
Recommendation : enjoy the bath for 15 to 30 minutes, for foot and hand bath 10 minutes is enough. For children: use only ¼ - ½ of the adult dosage.
Storage :
Keep the lid well shut so that the salt stays dry.

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Frantsila category
Raw materials and manufacturing meet European standards for natural cosmetics. No animal testing, animal or genetically modified substances, mineral oil, silicates, artificial colors or scents, or parabens.
Ingredients : Magnesium sulfate, Calluna vulgaris*, Matricaria recutita*, Melissa officinalis*, Lavandula angustifolia, Cymbopogon martini, Andropogon muricatus, Cananga odorata, Salvia sclarea. - Organic*