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Frantsila sku = m-084
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Frantsila sku = m-084


"Best Friend" Rose Oat Pillow is a rose -scented warming pillow to relieve shoulder tension and pain. It can also be used cold for headaches and muscle strains.

Widely appreciated in Finnish folk tradition, your "Best Friend" Rose Oat Pillow is easy to use. When warmed up it is ideal to help relax and alleviate pain in shoulder, muscle, joint and lower back areas. It can also be used cold in case of e.g. headaches, inflamations and strains. Rose brings additional pampering.

  • The heat emanating from the oat pillow penetrates deep into the shoulders and neck. Organic oats store heat efficiently so the effect is long lasting and pampers you into a relaxed and peaceful state of being.
  • Loosen up for a moment and let your concerns and stress melt away in the good hands of your "Best Friend" Rose Oat Pillow.
  • Warm up with your oat pillow, give relief to joint aches and lower back tension, when winter chills creep into your kidneys. According to an old Chinese saying; "warm kidneys bring you happiness, vitality and a long life".
  • You can also tuck yourself in, with your cold feet and your "Best Friend" oat pillow, and get the best sleep ever.



Warm :

Heat oat pillow up to desired temperature :

  • Microwave 1,5 to 3 min. depending on power (e.g. 990 watt 1,5 min. is enough).
  • Oven (on a clean sheet or baking paper) in 90-120°C temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes.

When heated, the oat pillow emits a pleasant aroma of oat grains - in addition alternatively Rose or Lavender scent (Rose Oat Pillow, Lavender Oat Pillow).

Cold :

Place the package in the freezer for a couple of hours. Use preferably a protecting plastic bag.

Apply directly on the skin (or on a thin cloth) for 10 to 20 minutes.



  • The packaging may burn if the temperature recommendations are exceeded or heating times are not followed.
  • The packaging is kept dry. It cannot be washed.
  • Because of the heat, warm oat pillow placed on the neck may feel uncomfortable for persons suffering from high blood pressure, especially if kept on for too long.
  • Do NOT use hot when suffering from fever.
  • In order to preserve oat pillow's high heat value for a long time; let it cool down between treatments to prevent it from drying out too much.


We hope that your Frantsila Oat Pillow becomes your best friend too !


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Ingredients : Avena sativa (oats)*. - Organic*