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Frantsila sku = s-06-1
Ref : s-06-1
Pack : 19 g
Brand : Frantsila
Manufacturer: Frantsila
Price : 20.93€
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Intended use :

Melts away tension and pain, sets frozen energies into movement.

The salve contains Finnish organic herbs, cayenne pepper extract and essential oils that stimulate circulation and relieve pain by removing tissue toxins. The salve is also effective respiratory tract opener.

Yarrow, meadowsweet, St. John's Wort and Arnica improve blood circulation, relieve pain and remove tissue metabolites such as lactic acid. They stimulate the tissue and nerve regeneration of worn out and strain injured areas. Cayenne pepper extract warms and stimulates blood circulation and removes pain.

Aroma therapeutic Essential oils like camphor, rosemary, clove, ginger, lavender, thyme, cinnamon, black spruce, peppermint, juniper, and menthol obtained from natural organic peppermint oil revive blood circulation, alleviate pain, help remove metabolites, treat detritions and help in symptoms of the cold.

Homeopathic Arnica helps to treat old muscle and joint injuries. Finnish flower essences Marsh Labrador Tea, Dandelion and Spruce revive cell metabolism, help in treating old stress injuries and relieve various types of tension and pain.

Instructions of use :

Apply to the areas that need to be treated.

Storage :

Best preserved when kept in a cool place.



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Frantsila category
Raw materials and manufacturing meet European natural cosmetics and organic standards. No animal testing, animal or genetically modified substances, mineral oil, silicates, artificial colors or scents, and no preservatives.
Ingredients : Helianthus annuus*, Achillea millefolium*, Filipendula ulmaria*, Hypericum perforatum*, Capsicum annuum*, Cinnamomum camphora, Rosmarinus officinalis, Syzygium aromaticum, Zingiber officinale, Lavandula angustifolia, Thymus vulgaris, Cinnamomum, Picea mariana, Mentha piperita, Juniperus communis, menthol, Olea europaea*, Cera flava, Ledum palustre*, Taraxacum officinale*, Picea abies*, Arnica montana*. - Organic*

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